Consultant launches new business strategy focusing on ‘integrated project and programme management services’

Donald Lawson

Consultant Faithful+Gould (F+G) has announced it is shifting the focus of its business to “integrated” project and programme management services.

The firm said the “new business focus on integrated project and programme management services” was in response to demand from clients.

F+G chief executive Donald Lawson told Building the firm would aim to increase the proportion of “integrated” multi-service work it does - combining more than one professional discipline - from 50% to 75% “over the next three to five years”.

As part of the strategy, F+G will also aim to grow its headcount by 30% to 3,000, up from 2,300, and also aim to increase the proportion of its work delivered outside the UK to 70%, up from 57% today.

F+G said it would continue to deliver its existing single service lines in cost and commercial management, project management, programme management, asset management and project controls, but these will make up a smaller proportion of the business.

The firm added: “The integrated suite of services will provide a richer and more holistic offer”.

Lawson said the firm would continue to bid for individual discipline work and said: “Each individual service stream remains important to us.”

Lawson added there would be “no reduction in heads” as a result of the shift in strategy but different F+G service lines were being encouraged to work closer together.

F+G said the shift was partly prompted by its acquisition of Singapore-based Confluence in October 2013 and the launch of an internal knowledge sharing platform, Integra.

The firm said: “The new direction is in response to a market where clients increasingly want consultancy services which are both global and integrated, rather than the more traditional single service approach focused on just one country.”

Lawson added: “This new direction will ensure we continue to give clients what they want. That is, for a global company to provide a complete consultative answer, rather than just offer a single core service.

“It’s about putting in place the mechanisms and behaviours to share knowledge for the benefit of clients.

“For many clients we are already delivering this complete construction, property or infrastructure consultancy service, so this focus is more about how we reflect ourselves in the market.”