Promat UK has supplied fire protection and thermal upgrading solutions to 7 More London Riverside, part of the More London development

More than 5,000m2 of Promat Supalux calcium silicate board was installed to protect the lift shaft walls and risers from fire for up to 60 minutes. The Supalux Shaftwall is specially treated to provide enhanced moisture resistance and was chosen because it can be installed before the building is water-tight. This allows other trades to start installation quicker, accelerating the entire building programme.

In addition, Promat provided more than 1,500m2 of Promat TL board for thermal upgrading of the underground car park at 7 More London. Promat TL board is a combination of Promat calcium silicate board and phenolic insulation, designed for the thermal upgrading of semi-exposed concrete decks. Its thin construction minimises height loss and the calcium silicate board provides a high level of impact resistance and light reflectance compared with cementitious substrates, claims the company.

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