Firm used wrong type of nails, says Health and Safety Executive

A Harrow construction firm has been fined £8,000 after poorly secured panelling fell and nearly severed a pensioners foot.

Brendan Flynn Construction was carrying out carpentry work on a residential scheme in Crawley when the cladding was blown off the building and into the street below.

One piece hit a woman in her eighties on the ankle and nearly severed her foot, while another hit a man causing bruising from wrist to shoulder.

The HSE said that the firm had failed to use the correct nails to secure the cladding.

The incident happened on 3 November 2009.

HSE Inspector Russell Beckett said: “Brendan Flynn Construction Limited used a specialist cladding product but did not take the time to ensure workers were using the correct fittings.

“It is basic practice for a carpentry firm to get this right. The incident had horrendous consequences, which could have been far worse. However, that will be little consolation to the injured parties.

“This case serves as a warning to other companies that HSE will not hesitate to prosecute companies who fail to follow the correct safety procedures.”