Union Ucatt says it has been inundated with calls from concerned workers

Construction firms are trying to get round paying workers a day’s extra holiday for the royal wedding, union Ucatt claims.

A spokesperson said the union had been inundated with calls from workers concerned their employers are trying to duck paying them wages on the extra bank holiday on Friday 29th April.

Reported tactics include introducing a shutdown in the week beginning Easter Monday.

But Ucatt says workers are entitled to pay on the bank holiday under terms agreed under the Construction Industry Joint Council Working Rule Agreement earlier this year.

A Ucatt spokesperson said: “We are getting lots of calls. Companies are trying to get out of paying this any way they can.”

George Guy, Ucatt acting general secretary, said: “It is very disappointing that employers are still trying to wheedle their way out of paying for one additional day’s bank holiday.

“Dedicated construction workers have been through very difficult times in recent years as a result of the recession. The very least they deserve is for employers to honour this holiday.”