HBF consults housebuilders on how upfront funding for energy efficiency measure could work in practice

The Home Builders Federation is leading research into how Green Deal financing could be extended to new homes at the request of the government.

Last week it convened a meeting of housebuilders to thrash out how upfront energy efficiency measures could be put into new homes at no upfront cost to the builder, with investors in the improvements recouping money from lower energy bills

John Slaughter, director at the HBF, said that the discussion had been “positive” but that much more detail was needed if the plan was to be put into practice.

“It’s overriding conclusion was that we are going to have to do a bit more work on the level of interest and the finance flows,” he said.

“It was a useful and positive discussion. It shows  it’s quite a complex issue to work through. We recognise we are going to have to do a bit more work to flesh out the parameters.”  

But he emphasised that the idea was in its very early stages, and “we don’t know whether it will work or not”.

Slaughter said the next stage would be to consult lends, surveyors and lawyers in the discussions.

 The proposal follows the backing for the idea by housing minister Grant Shapps in February.