The Federation of Master Builders backs a court ruling in Cheshire that gave a cowboy builder a five-year ASBO.

The Federation of Master Builders has called for ASBOs to tackle bogus builders.

FMB has backed the outcome of a recent case where a court in Cheshire gave a rogue builder an ASBO to prevent the public from being ripped off.

Under the terms of the five-year ASBO the man cannot work in the building industry unless he is employed by a legitimate construction company. The ASBO also bans him from advertising, seeking work or taking money for building work. The man was also jailed for three years for deception and theft.

Ian Davis, director general of the Federation of the Master Builders said: “The FMB fully supports the use of ASBOs to force rogue builders to stop trading. We have been campaigning for many years for real sanctions against cowboys to prevent them from conning consumers.”

Davis said that he hoped Trading Standard Officers would follow this example of tackling rogues traders.