Connected buildings will be 320m tall

Foster & Partners has unveiled plans for a pair of hurricane-proof towers that will provide luxury flats in the US city of Miami.

Called The Towers, the scheme will see 660 flats running across two interconnected buildings that will reach 320m in height.

Miami has updated its height limit regulations which had been previously restricted because of the city centre’s proximity to Miami International Airport.

A majority of the required parking has been moved underground, opening up more than 5,000sq m of public space.


The Towers Miami

The scheme will feature 660 flats


To mitigate the effects of high winds, the building has special louvres that can be lowered over the central plaza to act as wind breakers.

The towers are designed to withstand hurricanes, braced by belt beams that tie them together to ensure stability.

Last month Hurricane Matthew hit the Florida coast with 105mph winds causing $6 billion worth of damage. Eleven years ago Hurricane Wilma caused nearly $21 billion worth of damage in the state.