G Park Blue Planet in Staffordshire is recognised as meeting green rating system's new top standard of sustainability

A logistics warehouse in Chatterley Valley, Staffordshire, is the first building to achieve BREEAM's new “Outstanding” category, introduced last June to recognise buildings meeting the highest standards of sustainability.

G Park Blue Planet, which has been developed by Gazeley, is the first to achieve the new standard and is projected to save £300,000 in running costs as a result of the environmental features incorporated into the design.

Overall the development scored 85.49%, and received exemplary credits in four areas – daylighting, reduced CO2 emissions, construction waste management and the use of low-carbon technologies.

Jonathan Fenton-Jones, director of sustainability and global procurement at Gazeley, said: “With G.Park Blue Planet at Chatterley Valley, we believe we have created an industry blueprint for cutting-edge developments. Not only does it deliver significant environmental savings, it also creates total energy and water cost in use savings of up to £300,000 per annum.”

The building is composed of two separate blocks: a 34,000m2 warehouse space and a 1,500m2 office block with a common roof.