Transitional period introduced which delays the need for a certificate until October for buildings on the market. Response to concerns over the number of assessor

The Government released a statement this morning about EPC implementation In an attempt to quash what it called 'confusion' about delays hitting the legislation.

A spokesperson from the DCLG said: "On Thursday we will be laying regulations which, will allow a transitional period for buildings already on the market at 6 April. Any building which is on the market before then and remains on the market afterwards will need an EPC by 1 October at the latest. If it is sold or rented out in the meantime, an EPC must be commissioned and then handed over as soon as practicable."

She continued: "This is intended to make it easier for owners and landlords of large buildings to comply with the legislation. Similar provisions will apply for the introduction of EPCs on buildings over 2,500 m2 in July, expiring also on 1 October 2008. This responds to industry expectations - putting in place similar arrangements as were in place for domestic."

The move is a response to industry concerns about the number of assessors available to actually produce the certificates.