WWF says carbon cutting targets will not be met unless government offers more financial incentives

Britain is set to fail its 2020 emission reduction targets unless there is a radical change in Government policy, the WWF has warned.

The Government is being urged by WWF to introduce financial incentives to motivate homeowners to improve energy efficiency in homes. This could be done through council tax rebates or stamp duty relief linked to home energy efficiency refurbishments.

Although homeowners are encouraged by government to implement green measures such as insulation and draught proofing a WWF report said it had not done enough to encourage take-up. Alistair Darling’s 2008 budget notably omitted to include any financial incentives which could encourage homeowners.

The WWF’s How Low report has concluded that even if homes installed all low-energy measures, household CO2 emissions would only be reduced by 2%, which would mean the Government’s 2020 climate change targets would not be met.

Colin Butfield, WWF-UK head of campaigns said: “Given the urgency of the issue the Government needs to look beyond the short payback energy efficiency measures that feature in current policy and focus on a broader package of measures that will provide greater long term savings for homeowners."