The government is staging a trade show to help it attract the 7,500 Home Inspectors it needs before 2007.

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister is holding a trade show to kickstart the recruitment of 7,500 Home Inspectors in the next 28 months.

The Home Inspectors will need to be in place by January 2007 when Home Condition Reports detailing the state of individual homes are set to become mandatory. The Housing Bill, which paves the way for HCRs, is expected to become law later this year when it receives Royal Assent.

Christopher Legrand of Property Industry Research, which is organising the event for the ODPM, says demand for inspectors was expected to be high.

Time is running out for the government as the training of an entrant with no previous experience will take three years. For those with construction, property or surveying backgrounds, training is expected to take between six and 24 months.

The Home Inspectors will have to record the condition of the exterior, interior, services and permanent outbuildings of homes, and will need to ascertain the energy efficiency of dwellings.

Inspectors will also have to undertake a minimum amount of lifelong learning to ensure they keep up to date with the latest changes to buildings and IT.

The trade show and a conference will take place on 25 November at the National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Near Coventry. Potential Home Inspectors will be able to meet employers, training organisations, assessment centres and other associated organisations.