Householders to get £400 towards new energy-efficient boiler if old boiler G-rated or worse

The government this week launched its boiler scrappage scheme, which gives householders £400 off the cost of a new energy-efficient boiler.

The scheme, which was announced in the pre-Budget report last month, will be offered to 125,000 households in England in a bid to help cut fuel bills and reduce CO2 emissions.

The money is available to people who own or rent their homes to help them upgrade the main boiler used to heat the home, if it is G-rated or worse, to a high-efficiency A-rated boiler or to renewable heating technology.

It is estimated this will help to save around 140,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Householders aged under 60 can apply only if the boiler is in working order. For those aged over 60, the device does not have to work. Social landlords, housing associations and boiler installers are not eligible for the scheme.

British Gas has said it will match the government's discount.

The government says that upgrading a boiler can save a household more than £200 a year.