Environment minister Jane Davidson has announced plans to introduce 'Green Compass'

Minister for the environment, sustainability and housing Jane Davidson will provide the keynote speech at the launch of the Constructing Excellence in Wales’ new 'Green Compass' standard on 29 September.

'Green Compass' is a new standard that all waste management organisations will be encouraged to work towards.

It's been designed to give confidence to builders that the waste they generate will be collected, checked, recycled or disposed of in an environmentally sound fashion.

Wales produced 12.2 million tonnes of construction and demolition (C&D) waste in 2005-06.

The majority came from the civil engineering sector (8.0 million tonnes). Construction produced 2.2 million tonnes, followed by demolition (1.4 million tonnes) and general builders (431,000 tonnes).

There are some 38,000 firms in the sector and any number of small, medium and landmark projects all generating waste.