New planning policy statement on climiate change says councils should demand more on-site renewables

Councils will be expected to set stringent green targets to developers under new government rules.

The Planning Policy Statement on climate change, published by the CLG, says that councils should apply ‘Merton plus’ rules for new developments, and encourages them to go further where possible.

PV renewables

Under the rules, councils will be obliged to assist on-site renewable energy and local community energy schemes to help cut carbon emissions.

Solar panels, wind turbines, and heat pumps will be given greater consideration by councils and developers, and planners should make environmental performance a priority when considering sites for developments.

The publication of the statement coincided with the release of the UK Green Building Council’s report on carbon reductions in new non-domestic buildings, which gives commercial buildings a zero carbon target date of 2020.

Housing Minister Yvette Cooper said: “We need to be environmentally ambitious about all buildings, not just housing. We don’t just need eco homes – we need eco offices, eco shops, eco pubs and clubs.”

Another CLG policy statement, on economic growth, says that councils should plan for the needs of businesses and promote job creation.