Contractor calls for open-source approach to planning data

The creation of a fully transparent data resource on public and private capital investment plans could help drive upskilling, according to ISG. 

A new report by the contractor says an open-source approach to planning data would provide certainty for businesses and those looking to retrain. 


Over the next five years more than £580bn will be invested in built assets within the UK, according to ISG

The research, which drew on evidence from successful government-led interventions in sectors such as TV and film, found that organisations seeking to invest in the UK placed a secure pipeline of appropriately skilled talent ahead of financial incentives as the number one determining factor for an investment decision. 

Zoe Price, global chief operating officer of ISG, said: “We’re all familiar with news reports detailing how many new roles a major capital investment will create, and this research develops this simple concept by envisaging a powerful forward looking data asset that updates in real time and would be available universally.  

“Unlocking planning data not only breaks down regional and sector-based knowledge silos, but provides real agency to a wide-ranging audience of individuals and entities that can use this data to provide confidence and appropriateness in skills investment.  

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“From young people and individuals looking to retrain, to education providers developing and resourcing courses, and global brands seeking certainty on an appropriately skilled workforce before committing to investment, this existing data holds significant value for UK Plc.” 

The study also found that young people responded favourably to careers with skills that align with their views and ranked the ability to positively impact society higher than environmental considerations.