Foremans says the use of recycled modular buildings is an environmentally sound alternative

Pre-owned modular buildings supplier Foremans Relocatable Building Systems has produced a new brochure outlining the design options and technical advancements available for a sustainable, fast and cost-effective approach to construction.

Aimed at construction clients, main contractors and end users of buildings in the public and private sectors, it is a guide to buying, selling and hiring pre-owned modular buildings for offices, schools, hospitals, airports and temporary site accommodation.

The brochure is illustrated with completed projects across a diverse range of sectors, and features comments from clients and building occupiers.

Foremans brochure

It also includes information about specifications, procurement options, health and safety, and the sustainability benefits of recycling and refurbishing modular buildings.

The Foremans approach claims to offer similar advantages to off-site construction – speed, quality and less disruption – as well as value for money and a higher degree of sustainability because the modules supplied are pre-owned and fully refurbished.

The use of recycled modular buildings, the firm claims, is an environmentally sound alternative to demolishing and disposing of traditionally-built buildings in landfill sites.

Refurbished steel-framed modular buildings, which are compliant with building regulations, generate less than 10% of the carbon emissions and use less than 3% of the energy during construction compared to a newly manufactured building of equivalent size.

The modules are fully upgraded and reconfigured off site by Foremans to clients’ specific project requirements, for either permanent or temporary accommodation.

This, Foremans says, minimises waste and energy consumption, allows other organisations to benefit from the advantages of off-site construction, and can reduce programme times by up to 70% compared to site-based building methods.

Buildings can be clad in a range of finishes to complement existing facilities, and can be supplied in single or multi-storey configurations for a wide range of uses, including classrooms, nurseries, wards, offices, site accommodation, and airport facilities.

Plus, organisations can hire, purchase or lease their accommodation for unrivalled choice and flexibility and to help meet their changing needs.