Builders looking for green products will shortly be able to consult a sustainable version of the Yellow Pages

Training firm Sustainable Homes is launching the Green Pages guide to help developers meet the Code for Sustainable Homes and Ecohomes standards.

It will contain a list of suppliers that the organisation has checked for robustness, references, past projects and the ability to meet large orders. Energy, site waste management, materials, pollution, ecology and management are covered.

Andrew Eagles, managing director of Sustainable Homes, said: “Many of our clients and attendees on our training courses struggle to find products and services that can help them meet the government’s sustainability requirements. We want to connect people trying to be green with people who know how to do it.”

Environmental Building Partnership's Energyflo breathable insulation membrane
The directory will help those seeking green products like EBP's Energyflo breathable insulation

The Green Pages will be free to housebuilders, but suppliers will pay between £1,000 and £4,500 to go through the validation process. The amount paid will depend on the size of the company.

We want to connect people trying to be green with people who know how to do it

Andrew Eagles, Sustainable homes

The Green Pages, which is to be launched next month, will contain five organisations to start with, but this will grow to 30 by the autumn if all goes according to plan.

Ray Sanderson, sustainability manager at housing association Gentoo, said the guide would be useful because it was “independently validated”.

Other industry experts were more cautious. Referring to similar guides, such as Bioregional’s One Planet Products, Robin Feeley, sustainable development manager at housing association London & Quadrant said there was a “danger of people doing very similar things”.