Building membranes specialist Icopal has launched the EasyGreen modular roofing system, which the company claims will improve stormwater management and easy inspection of underlying roof waterproofing membranes

Compatible with all Icopal waterproofing solutions, the EasyGreen sedum module provides an instant extensive green roof system. It comes in a perforated tray of 100% recycled high-density polyethylene. Each 600mm x 400mm tray contains drainage granules, filter layer, substrate and pre-grown sedum vegetation. The trays are designed to drain towards rain water outlets; however, the modules also connect to each other using “V” attachments on the sides that allow water to pass from tray to tray. The modules can be laid directly onto an Icopal waterproofing system and lifted out for easy inspection.

Reservoirs in the bottom of each module help to supply the sedum plants in times of drought and are capable of attenuating 32 litres/m2 of water – up to 50% more than traditional sedum systems, the company says.