LEED Platinum building features on-site wind turbines and PV panels, geothermal climate control and more

The city of Greensburg in Kansas which was destroyed by a tornado a year ago is being rebuilt in an eco-friendly way with any building exceeding 4000ft² aiming for US standard LEED Platinum rating.

Designed and constructed by a group of 22 Kansas architecture students, the 5.4.7 Arts Centre, which houses the faculty from the Studio 804 graduate design/build programme, is the first building in Kansas to be certified as LEED Platinum.

The building was prefabricated in seven modules and incorporated a number of green features including on-site wind turbines and PV panels, geothermal climate control, use of recycled building materials, white roof that reflects heat, green roof blocks on the white roof, rainwater harvesting through gutters/downspouts, high fly ash content in concrete, and wood exterior from planks harvested in abandoned building.