The Olympic Delivery Authority is working with the NHS to introduce health checks on Olympic sites.

The interim Olympic Delivery Authority is in discussions with the NHS over implementing on-site health checks for workers on Olympic projects.

Jack Lemley, chairman of the Olympic Delivery Authority, announced the move at a Health and Safety Executive conference in London today. The conference was chaired by health and safety minister Lord Hunt.

Lemley said: "A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. We want to redefine health and safety provision - away from simply managing risk to actively promoting the future health and well-being of all those involved in the programme. I am keen to have on-site occupational health checks for workers."

"It is impossible to manage out all risk on a project of this scale, but I want a pro-health and no accident culture."

At its peak from 2009 onwards, the site in East London will employ 7,000 construction workers.