Quiet Revolution will release improved version of urban wind turbine

Quiet Revolution, the firm behind the helical “urban” wind turbines that were the subject of a recall at the end of 2009, is re-launching an improved version costing 40% less.

Over 100 of the units, which feature a triple helix-shaped vertical axis turbine, had to be shut down in the UK when a design fault was discovered. However, the firm is due to complete repairs in the next couple of weeks and is rolling out a new version of the qr5 which incorporates a number of improvements including a new electrical system.

Quiet Revolution says the price reduction is in response to the introduction of feed-in tariffs in April this year, which has resulted in a strong increase in demand.

According to Stephen Crosher, the firm’s commercial director, this has enabled it to provide a greater level of commitment to its supply chain which has resulted in lower costs. “In terms of enquiries we’re double what we were 18 months ago and that is for locations where wind generation is feasible”. The cost of turbine installation has dropped from £33,000 to £20,000.