Idealcombi has developed the Futura+ range of high- performance windows to meet Part L of the Building Regulations.

The windows have a polyurethane core to enhance thermal efficiency which is combined with fine glass fibres to create a composite construction that minimises thermal bridges and energy loss. Based on a standard size of 1,230mm x 1,480mm, the Futura+, with optimised low-E triple-glazed units and krypton gas, will achieve a U-value of 0.71W/m2K and a G-value of 0.52. This will easily bring it within the band A rating of BFRC - the UK’s national system for rating energy-efficient windows.

The windows also have slim profiles with 54mm sightlines on both fixed and opening windows.

The frame is made out of timber with aluminium for the external cladding to reduce the need for maintenance.