Hills Electrical and Mechanical has issued a High Court writ over work on the Barbican Centre

The municipal governing body of the City of London is embroiled in a High Court a row over work on the Barbican Centre.

Hills Electrical and Mechanical plc is suing the Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London for £346,232.90 in a dispute over work on the renewal of small power and lighting installations at the Barbican Centre.

The defendant, usually called the City of London Corporation, is responsible for square mile of the City of London.

Adjudicator John Riches was called in when a dispute arose between the two sides, and on July 28 this year he ruled that the City of London should pay Hills £169.136.17 plus interest, according to a High Court writ.

But the adjudicator corrected his decision on August 3, and changed his award to £346.232.90, with interest running at £20.08 a day, the writ says.

He then issued a re-corrected decision on August 9, saying that the City of London should instead pay £236,023.82 but Hills argues that the adjudicator was without jurisdiction to issue a re-corrected decision, and that his second decision is the correct one.

Hills accuses the City of London of breach of contract and says it has failed to make the payment ordered by the adjudicator.

Hills is seeking payment of £346,232.90, or £236,023.82, or £169,136.17, and interest and costs.