British hotel group says it will only go-ahead if government limits number of super casinos to five.

British firm Hilton has signalled its intent to take on the American gaming industry, which are poised to invade the UK market in the wake of new gambling laws.

The hotel company has revealed its plans for a £200 million super-casino in Blackpool, creating 500 full-time jobs, but warns it will only go ahead with the scheme if the government caps the number of casinos built in the country.

"We do believe there is scope for the development of a limited number of larger, entertainment-based casinos [but] we would not want to be party to the proliferation of many, many casinos," a Hilton spokesman said. The company believes that only four or five, rather than the government’s suggest 20-40 super-casinos should be created.

Hilton said it would team-up with a property developer to build the super-casino on a brownfield site at the seaside resort. The project, which would take three years to complete, would be on a similar scale to the scheme proposed by the USA’s Caesar’s Palace for a casino at Wembley.