The low impact FAB house will demonstrate sustainable building products such as mud render and straw bales

A two-storey eco house has been erected at Glastonbury to spread the green message among festival goers.

The infamous Glastonbury mud has been used to render the FAB House which aims to demostrate the viability of low impact, affordable housing.

Locally sourced straw bales and and cob blocks have also been used to construct the Ecos Trust house.

Charles Couzens, Director of Ecos Trust, said: “It is particularly appropriate that we have the FAB House at this year’s festival with Michael Eavis’s support for affordable housing.

"We are aware from a survey led by the Chartered Institute of Housing that festival goers show marked interest in the issue of low cost, low carbon homes so we are really looking forward to welcoming visitors to Glastonbury to our FAB House”.

The FAB House forms two, two-bed, semi-detached homes. The timber frame was sourced from the Longleat Estate.

Experts will talk to visitors and be carrying out demonstrations covering sustainable building methods.

The project is being sponsored by the Arcadia Housing Group.