League tables for housebuilders will be ready on time in October, insists Housing Forum chairman Sir Michael Pickard.

He said: “Not everyone is clapping their hands at the prospect, but there will be league tables and they will be based on customer satisfaction.”

Sir Michael said the tables would include all housebuilders that build more than 300 homes a year and would be drawn up solely from measures of customer satisfaction.

He said there would not be separate league tables for small, large or regional housebuilders. “Customers are not interested in whether a housebuilder is big or small, or where it is based. They just want to know that they build well,” he said.

Sir Michael’s announcement that the project is on schedule comes after claims that some housebuilders were dragging their heels because of fears that they would be shown in a bad light. Construction minister Nick Raynsford set the deadline for the tables at the inaugural meeting of the forum in October last year.

Housing Forum chief executive David Crewe said a brief had been agreed that would provide the basis for the league tables.

He said: “The survey will focus on four main areas, but the overriding purpose of the exercise is to focus on consumers and help housebuilders to improve their product.”

The league tables will be based on five yardsticks.

  • The quality of the new home, including the standard of finishes and defects.

  • Value for money – does the customer feel they have got value for money?

  • The design of the house, including its fitness for purpose and the use of space.

  • Service offered by the housebuilder during the buying process and after the house has been occupied.

  • Would a purchaser recommend their housebuilder to others?

The contract to compile the league tables is out to tender.