Safety body launches consultation on revised strategy adapted to changes in UK business landscape

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched a consultation on its new national strategy called “Be Part of the Solution” to give UK health and safety a boost.

The HSE said it is developing a new strategy in response to the “recent slowing of improvement in Great Britain's health and safety performance”.

It also wants to address changes in the UK industrial landscape, with an increase in small businesses and the self-employed.

The body added that a further reason for the new strategy is to regain the health and safety brand from those “who misuse it to proliferate bureaucracy”.

The strategy resets the national direction for health and safety, setting out a series of goals, including the HSE and local authorities continuing to work together to investigate work related incidents, helping SMEs comply with health and safety obligations, and avoiding catastrophes in the UK's high-hazard industries such as construction.

A consultation on the strategy was launched last night at three simultaneous events, in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

A series of workshops will also be held throughout the UK in the new year.