Concrete cave has been built beneath a lawn in Warsaw

Arup has unveiled images of a James Bond-inspired underground car showroom it has helped to design in Poland.

Reminiscent of the secret lairs made famous by the spy films, the concrete-lined cave will house Eastern Europe’s largest private collection of Aston Martins.

Designed with London-based practice Unism, it will be built beneath a lawn in a residential area in the capital Warsaw and opened next year.

A futuristic curved ramp and a glass entrance gate provides access, with the space equipped with a turning platform to quickly park the cars.

A 3m-wide skylight at the centre of the circular room will help light the eight-car collection which includes a classic Vantage and DB2 Drophead.

The showroom will also include two extra spaces for any future additions to the collection and a built-in exhaust extraction system which can be connected directly to the cars’ exhausts.

It will also feature a pop-up cinema for visitors to experience drive-in viewings of classic 1960s car chases such as those featured in Goldfinger and The Italian Job.