Plenty of activity following the introduction of certificates for sale rent of construction of big buildings yesterday

The long-promised, non-domestic EPC deadline has finally hit. As of today, non-dwellings over 10,000 sq m put on the market for sale or rent will need an EPC assessment. All other non-domestic buildings over 50 sq m will require an EPC before October.

The date has been met with a flurry of industry activity and announcements, many claiming that they are among the first to carry out and lodge an assessment. But that glory went to Rob Molyneux, from Stroma.

  • BRE said it had trained Sheldon Mann, of Hoare Lea, who had lodged one of the first EPC certificates and that over 400 EPCs have been prepared for lodgement by Hoare Lea.
  • CIBSE held a champagne reception in the Cottons Centre, London, SE1, to celebrate the presentation of the first EPC by a CIBSE assessor.
  • Measurement company, Plowman Craven, points out that his firm (among others) holds information on tens of thousands of UK buildings and that getting hold of this could save time and money.
  • IES has launched the latest version of its <VSBEM> software which can generate EPCs with an XML message valid for lodgement as well as the associated Recommendations Report.