Welsh-based outfit Excel Fibre Technology responds to increased demand for fibres for home insulation

A £4million investment from insulation specialists Excel Fibre Technology will help the firm double production of its 100% recycled products.

The business, located in Rhymney, South-East Wales, has doubled its production capacity, created new jobs, upgraded its production line, and is gearing up for increasing orders in the coming years.

Part of the funding for its environmentally-friendly programme came from the Welsh Assembly Government. The 60-strong staff at the company have installed new production equipment in response to an increasing demand for “green” insulation products, which it produces from 100% recycled newspaper.

Nick Thompson, Excel Fibre Technology’s managing director, said: “There has been a huge rise in the demand for cellulose fibre products from the construction and manufacturing industries in recent years and, thanks to tough environmental targets set by the Government, we expect this growth to continue.”

“Our recent plant upgrade has enabled us to double production so that we can not only meet existing demand but we now have enough surplus capacity to take advantage of the significant growth opportunities in the market."

The company has a year-on-year projected growth of 25%, and is planning for turnover of £9million in 2008. Thompson said: “I would say our growth is sustainable over a five-year period so by then we will be looking at well over £10m in turnover.”

Excel Fibre Technology was established in 1980 and has been based in Rassau Industrial Estate in Ebbw Vale. It is a division of Excel Industries – also based in Rhymney – a UK supplier of fibre-based building products for the construction, road and quarrying industries.

Most Excel fibre products are manufactured from recycled newsprint, but where colour or absence of colour is a crucial issue, special coloured fibre grades are used.

The company offers advice and knowledge in the insulation sector and produces products used in road making, concrete manufacture, ceramic tile adhesive and renders, mastics and textured coatings – all coming from recycled newspapers.