New three-storey structure by Berman Guedes Stretton will include extra gallery space and cafe

ISG has won a contract to extend the Chelthenham Art Gallery and Museum.

The £3.7m scheme will include a new three-storey concrete structure designed by Berman Guedes Stretton.

The extension will house a new 139m² picture gallery, storage and workshop areas, public archive and study areas and 297m² of temporary exhibition space. A tourist information office and cafe will also be incorporated.

ISG will refurbish the main Hugh Casson building and the museum and art gallery is expected to re-open by spring 2013.

John Rawlinson, ISG’s South West managing director, said: “The planned redevelopment of Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum has taken significant time, energy and fundraising efforts to reach this stage and we are delighted to be playing a pivotal role in this important regional development.”