Dubai’s ambitious rotating skyscraper is parading its eco qualities, but it also seems to be encouraging some fuel-thirsty additions…

This week saw another weird and wacky scheme from Dubai, this time the Dynamic Tower rotating skyscraper.

Developer Rotating Tower Dubai Development may be parading its latest as an ecologically sound scheme, but judging by the brochure sent to Building this week, the developer seems to be confusing its car print with its carbon footprint.

Designed by architect David Fisher, residents of the 420m high mixed-use tower can literally drive their cars – in this case a gas-thirsty Ferrari – into a lift, up the tower (it has 80 floors) and park it in their flats, offices or the luxury hotel. It's a petrol head's wet dream.

Constructed entirely in a factory from prefabricated parts, Dynamic Tower will be completed in 2010.

Owner parks his Ferrari inside his rotating tower flat

The rotating tower's car lift