Halliburton subsidiary KBR plans to build two aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy, Stuart Lipton sings the praises of local councils and Mark Thatcher puts his house up for sale in South Africa.

This weekend’s Sunday Times reports on a union more remarkable than the upcoming royal weding – a joint venture between BAE and KBR, the UK subsidiary of Halliburton, who have come together to build two aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy. Talks will begin shortly to hammer out the joint-venture plan.

Elsewhere in the Times, there are details of a record-breaking house sale – Mark Thatcher has given up his Cape Town residence for a figure in excess of £1.4 million, making a profit that should cover the fine he was given by the South African authorities for his part in a failed coup in Equatorial Guinea.

Another sale makes the pages of the Sunday Telegraph – KBR again – which has put its Nigg Oil platform yard in Scotland up for sale. The Telegraph also considers the fortunes of Oakdene Homes, the South-east based housebuilder, describing it as a prospect to be excited at.

Sir Stuart Lipton is interviewed in the Mail on Sunday, telling Stella Shamoon that: 'In the provinces, local councils are stronger, politically driven and conscious of how they can make a difference. They are showing real leadership - whether in Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle or Liverpool, they are producing enduring spaces that are changing people's lives for the better.

Meanwhile the Sunday Mirror reports on the world’s most user-friendly car park. The 34,000 bay car park, which opens in Dublin next month, will register where you leave your car, and issue you with a reminder of where it is when you come back loaded down with shopping.