Demolition specialist says landmark ruling could help firm

Demoliton specialist Keltbray has welcomed a landmark ruling for greater planning controls in demolition.

A Court of Appeal judgment last month ruled demolition should be subject to closer planning scrutiny.

The case brought by Save Britain’s Heritage involved the demolition of the historic Mitchell’s Brewery in Lancaster without prior approval.

The building has since been listed but the case remained live as Save Britain’s Heritage sought a landmark ruling, following an initial defeat in the High Court last year.

Robin Wood, group managing director of Keltbray, said: “My view is it will help us. Rogue contractors tarnish the whole industry.

“We would welcome the opportunity to do things in a controlled fashion. It will help the good and hinder the bad.”

The judgment brings all demolitions within the scope of a European directive – the environmental impact assessment directive – and any proposed demolition that is considered to have significant effects on the environment will be subject to the environmental impact assessment process.