Chief executive reveals agency will directly fund half homes built in March 2011

Sir Bob Kerslake, chief executive of the Homes and Community Agency, has said he believes that the agency has an active role in every current housing and regeneration scheme.

Speaking at the launch of the HCA’s two year corporate plan, Kerslake said: “In the current market conditions, there is unlikely to be any scheme that we are not in some way connected to.” The agency revealed that nearly half of the homes built in March 2011 would be directly funded by it at a cost of £6.75bn.

Kerslake declare himself “proud” of the HCA’s ability to nearly meet housing targets as set out in the government green paper over this and the next year and around three-quarters of those targeted for 2010-2011: 53,537, 61,500 and 117,125 affordable homes respectively.

He added that it was unlikely there would be any more money for new regeneration (mixed use) schemes this year, the current £626m and £80m for new priority regeneration schemes that had been brought forward from next year having already been allocated.