Kier North West plead guilty to failing to ensure safety of worker after Karl Davis fell through window frame

Kier has been fined 160,000 after a worker fell through a window frame when a guard rail gave way.

Karl Davis, of Wallasey, was working on Everton football club’s new training facility in Halewood.

He fell into a coma for three months and died in May 2007. He was 43.

At Liverpool Crown Court Kier North West pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the safety of its workers.

A rubbish chute had been attached to the guard rail, and managers had failed to check that the rail could stand its weight.

HSE inspector Robert Hodkinson said: “What is incredibly sad about this incident is that a man lost his life when equipment installed to make the work safer failed.

“Falls from height are the biggest single cause of death and serious injury at work and employers must make sure not only that they provide suitable safety equipment, but that it is also installed, used and maintained properly.

“If Kier North West had ensured the rubbish chute was attached to a structure which could support its weight then Mr Davis would still be alive today.”