Kier agrees deal with Homes and Communities Agency and Derby council to create around 700 new homes in Derby.

Housebuilder Kier has agreed a deal with the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and Derby council to create around 700 new homes at the Manor & Kingsway site in Derby.

Kier Partnership Homes said the redevelopment of the former hospital site would result in a residential-led mixed-use development worth over £100m over 10 years.

Kier has teamed up with housebuilder Taylor Wimpey and affordable housing provider Nottingham Community Housing Association to create the neighbourhood on the western side of Derby, approximately 2.5km to the south-west of the city centre.

The development will comprise 700 new dwellings to include a range of affordable homes to rent and to buy, in addition to a business park that will support in the region of 450 new jobs for the area.

As preferred developer, Kier Partnership Homes will work with the healthcare service providers on the site to ensure the new scheme meshes with the provision of essential services.

Kier Partnership Homes, managing director Chris King said: “We are delighted to have been chosen by the HCA and Derby council to be the developer partner for this priority strategic development opportunity. Working closely with our partners and other local stakeholders we aim to create a vibrant and sustainable community-centred new neighbourhood, which will enhance the lives of the residents and visitors alike.”

Graham Dobbs, HCA head of midlands north, said: “We know through working closely with Derby council that Manor Kingsway is a local priority, not least because the derelict buildings have been an eyesore for the communities around the site but also because of its potential as a mixed-use development, which will create jobs, homes and businesses, and boost local economic growth.