New Eversheds HQ features chilled beam temperature control, intelligent lighting system, and recyclable carpets

Law firm Eversheds’ newly completed £11.6m purpose-built headquarters in London boasts the largest green roof in the capital.

At 1650m² the sedum roof is durable and needs no watering. Overlooking Saint Paul's Cathedral, 'mud baths' will be added to encourage a mini-ecosystem in which insects provide food for birds.

Capita Symonds has acted as project managers on the scheme which is aiming for an excellent BREEAM rating.

Inside Eversheds' new London HQ

The 160,000ft² building at One Wood Street will house the firm’s 750 London staff with capacity to grow the team further.

Other green credentials include the use of chilled beam temperature control, reducing energy wastage common with traditional air-conditioning.

The building utilises an intelligent lighting system that senses natural daylight, reducing the need for artificial light.

Additionally, all materials used in the construction are from sustainable sources including a certified timber veneer.

The building has 100 cycle racks, 13 showers, 170 lockers, changing facilities, and drying for wet cycle clothing. Plus, it will have recycled and recyclable carpet and recycled furniture.

And finally, herbs will be grown in the restaurant and on the balconies for use by the chefs.

Eversheds will occupy the entire building which boasts 100-seater auditorium for seminars, training sessions and other events.

The building has been designed to encourage optimum productivity, including colours, lighting, sound (‘pink’ noise - a sound masking system that enhances privacy by using low level background noise); and temperature (chilled beam system).

It features a ‘legal studio’ layout – not fully open plan but certainly a new concept for the legal sector in terms of office layout.

Inside Eversheds' new London HQ

The building will include areas such as rest pods, contemplation rooms and a library.

It includes a business lounge area for clients to work, including wifi and other technology, and a restaurant and café.

The building will include a new collection of artwork, featuring sculptures. It will be a mixture of Eversheds’ own collection and the Arts Council collection.