BSI British Standards' conference offers guidance on the new international standard for life cycle costing,

The one-day conference, organised by the BSI British Standards, focuses on the new international standard for life cycle costing, offers guidance to significantly reduce the overall cost of construction projects, both in financial and environmental terms.

With the news that all future major public sector construction procurement must be based on whole life ‘value for money’, the conference will enable delegates to get to grips with the intricacies of life cycle costing. Delegates will have a chance to discuss issues surrounding LCC and to network with both suppliers and clients.

Mike Low, director BSI British Standards, said: "The publication of BS ISO 15686-5 is another clear indication of how standards can provide valuable tools to address key business issues. By developing a better understanding of life cycle costing through this standard, suppliers and clients will be able to understand far more about the total cost of ownership of buildings and other constructed assets."

The conference is aimed at anyone in the private or public sector wholly or partly responsible for LCC, or for whom it impacts on their role, including procurement and facilities managers, QSs, architects and engineers, building subcontractors, finance and operations directors and environmental and risk managers.

The conference will examine

The latest Government procurement guidance
Professional views on the benefits of life cycle costing
A practical guide to using the new BSI ISO 15686-5:2008 Buildings and constructed assets
Service life planning
Life cycle costing and Standardized m ethod of life cycle costing for construction procurement
The environmental impact of life cycle costing
Client and consortia viewpoints