Icopal has launched a lightweight timber decking tile called Roofgard TerraDek. This is made from pine and designed for easy installation on the Roofgard paving support system, the decking is pressure-treated, which the company says gives ultraviolet-resistance for 10 years.

The company has also introduced a lightweight acoustic insulation system for new-build and refurbished party floors called Monarfloor Tranquilt (the thin yellow layer in the illustration below). The system, which the company says exceeds Part E requirements for impact and airborne sound insulation, comprises a layer of LRAC foam, which is sealed on both sides with a polyethylene membrane. It is placed carpet-like over the structural element of the floor, prior to screed being laid over it. It is supplied in rolls 20m long, 1.5m wide and 10mm thick.

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