Consultation on plans runs until next month

The London Assembly is urging Boris Johnson’s government to rethink plans to build a third runway at Heathrow.

Since last Thursday, the Assembly has posted a series of tweets criticising both the government’s decision to expand the country’s biggest airport and the consultation being run to further develop the plans.

The consultation, which opened in June, runs until 13 September.


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The Assembly said: “The consultation on the expansion of Heathrow is far too complicated. We shouldn’t have to be aeronautical engineers in order to have our opinion on the expansion count. So we’ll ask it more clearly: Do you want Heathrow Airport to expand?”

It has also run a poll to determine the thoughts of Londoners, with 62% of the 3,791 respondents saying they were against the proposals.

The Assembly has now set up a page which allows Londoners to automatically respond to the consultation.

It lays out five reasons why the expansion of Heathrow is the wrong move for London.

Among the reasons are that the consultation process has been confusing for Londoners, that noise pollution will drastically increase and that there will be more air pollution.

It also says there will be more pollution from cars and that there will be increased carbon emissions.