Long-serving Mace director Tim Renwick, who oversaw the construction of the London Eye, has left after 10 years with the firm.
Renwick quit the consultant and construction manager last week. He said that he was looking for another role.

He said: “I have been thinking about leaving Mace for a while. I’m 44 and have been at Mace for 10 years – I thought it was time for a change.”

Renwick added he was looking at several job offers. He said: “I am not in any detailed discussions just yet. There is one opportunity that is completely different, which is my favourite right now.”

I have been thinking about leaving for a while. I thought it was time for a change

Tim Renwick, director, Mace

Renwick received an honorary doctorate from City University, London, for his work on the London Eye and was also named project manager of the year in 1996 for managing the Gatwick South Terminal.

He emphasised that the separation was amicable. He said: “There is absolutely no aggro between me and Mace. I’m quite sad about leaving. To be a company in their position for that long, you can’t criticise them.”