Housing regeneration in London needs more secure sources of funding if it is to succeed, said a report published this week.

The study, based on research commissioned by the G15, a group of leading housing associations, claims that an urgent overhaul is required if government renewal targets are to be met.

Helen Cope, author of the Social Capital report, said: “Fragmentation of funding structures and initiatives undermines the ability to deliver the government’s agenda on housing and regeneration.

“It makes investment less efficient and thus effectively diminishes the impact of initiatives and their sustainability, especially in deprived areas.”

Charles Adams, chief executive of G15 member The Hyde Group, said the government needed to address the problems identified in the report.

He said: “The report demonstrates that we have the ideas, skills and passion to deliver real change. We now hope its content will help develop the dialogue needed between the G15, local authorities and government departments.”

In the past five years G15 initiatives have led to more than 37,000 new homes. It has also invested £18m in 51 projects aimed at raising levels of social inclusion and neighbourhood renewal.