Birmingham exhibition to showcase offsite affordable housing which costs £60,000 per unit as well as timber-framed Code Level 5 house

Next week’s Interbuild exhibition is set to showcase low-costs sustainable housing using offsite construction methods.

Volumetric builder Elements Europe is to showcase an example of a timber-framed house built to passive house standards. This new technology is to be used on a live site in Wales early next years where 38 affordable units will be built. the firm said the cost for a two-bedroom house excluding land is £60,000.

House overnight

The house is using a system called Ty Unnos, which translates in Welsh as 'house overnight'. Made from low-density timber - usually used for non-structural applications like pallets, packaging and fencing -Ty Unnos is very light weight and yet exceptionally strong, Elements claim. A laminating process and beam, column and joist arrangements result in a sturdy, load-bearing structure, the firm added.

“The Elements House shows how high end specification builds can be achieved using low cost construction methods,” said Elements Europe chief operating officer Darren Richards. “Furthermore, with a prepared foundation in place the structure can be built on site within a day and in a live project would be ready for occupancy within a week.”

Also on show at the exhibition, which runs from Sunday 26 to Thursday 30 October, will be:

  • An Eco House: an example of a three-storey family house that is aiming to achieve Code Level 5 compliance. The project is designed by Woodward Smith Architects and built by Loosemore Chartered Building Company. The timber frame structure will be used for a private development in Barnstaple, Devon.
  • Also demonstrating the potential for offsite construction, a retail unit is being supplied by offsite outfit Yorkon
  • Yorkon unit