Architectural aluminium glazing specialist, Technal, has launched Modal, a rapid build modular facade system for low-rise applications

The company says it believes it is the only low-rise glazing system to be tested to BS 7950 - the British Standard for the enhanced security performance of windows.

It includes a number of innovations that enable it to achieve the required level of security for applications such as schools and for projects where the Secured by Design criteria need to be met. These include glaze-in and glaze-out fixed lights that can be used on the same elevation without any alteration to the sight lines.

A four-point bi-directional espagnolette locking system prevents the Modal opening vent from being lifted from the outside to disengage the lock. A specially designed screw for the integral opening vent prevents the removal of the bead and glass from the outside, and safety guards fitted to the top corners of the open-out vent reinforce the hinges of the vent frame for additional protection against intruder access.

The company says the Modal system is fully thermally broken and will achieve a U-value of 1.0W/m2K with a combination of 50% fixed-light glazing and 50% insulated panels, using a glass specification of 1.1W/m2K. 

It has also been successfully tested to both curtain walling and window standards - BS EN 13830 for curtain walling and BS EN 14351-1 for windows - giving specifiers further reassurance of the system’s weather resistance.