Mace chief executive Mark Reynolds criticises ‘political nimbyism’


Mace chief executive Mark Reynolds has slammed the government’s decision to delay responding to the Davies Commission as “appalling”.

Speaking in Parliament, prime minister David Cameron told MPs a response to the Davies Commission’s final report on expanding airport capacity in the South-east would be made by the end of the year.

The Commission unanimously recommended Heathrow for a new runway, saying it presented the “greatest strategic and economic benefits”.

Speaking to Building, Reynolds (pictured) said the delay was “appalling” and called on the government to look past “political nimbyism”.

He said of the delay: “It’s appalling. Seeing what David Cameron said, that’s all good but it’s not about political nimbyism. They’ve just got to get through all that.”

He added: “I don’t understand why they need another six months to make a decision. The sooner we can get on with it and it can be delivered, the more sustainable jobs we can create.”

Reynolds also confirmed Mace is interested in bidding for work on the third runway, and would be interested at “either Gatwick or Heathrow” if a decision was made to build a new runway elsewhere.

When asked if Mace was interested, he replied: “Of course we are. We have the skills, ability and capacity in programme project management and construction delivery. We would win our fair share of packages.”

Reynolds also called the Commission’s recommendation a “no-brainer” and said it is “the right option for UK plc, and by far the best option for growth, jobs and our status in Europe and the world.”

Reynolds has worked with Heathrow since joining Mace in 1996, and was responsible for overseeing delivery of the airport’s terminal five.