No ‘Plan B’ for high street store which says it will power all 500 stores using renewable energy within five years

Britain’s favourite high street store, Marks & Spencer, has announced a £200m plan to make the company carbon neutral within five years.

Chief executive Stuart Rose said the company would become 25% more energy efficient and all 500-plus M&S stores would be powered with “green” renewable energy.

This will include trialling the use of “anaerobic digestion” - to create renewable energy generated by waste from our food halls, farms and factories

Rose said the proposals were called “Plan A” because there is no “Plan B”. He said: “This is a deliberately ambitious and, in some areas, difficult plan. We don't have all the answers but we are determined to work with our suppliers, partners and Government to make this happen. Doing anything less is not an option.”

The plan was produced with the help of Jonathan Porritt, chair of the Sustainable Development Commission. He said M&S had set a new benchmark for others to follow. He said: “It raises the bar for everyone else - not just retailers, but businesses in every sector.”