Up to three new power stations in Anglesey could provide hundreds of construction jobs

Energy firm RWE nPower has revealed plans to build up to three new nuclear power stations in Anglesey, Wales, the Guardian has reported.

The British branch of the German-owned firm has announced its intention to make a 'multibillion-pound investment' in the area which could generate 3.6 gigawatts of energy which could provide power for up to 5m homes from 2012. The company has already secured grid connections for the energy.

The plans have been welcomed by the local council, who have been preparing for the closure of the two existing reactors at Wylfa in Anglesey in 2010. The existing plant provides 40% of Wales' electricity.

Mike Graham, national secretary of Prospect, which represents workers in the nuclear industry, welcomed the move: 'For north Wales, and particularly Anglesey, the building of a new nuclear power station will create many hundreds of construction jobs in the near future.'

RWE is also waiting for government agreement for a £1bn gas-fired power station at Pembroke, which will generate enough power to provide energy to more than 3m homes.