Infrastructure support services company will work for West Oxfordshire and North Yorkshire councils over seven years

May Gurney has won two waste and recycling contracts worth £60m in total over the next seven years.

The infrastructure support services company won a £36m contract to collect waste and recycling for West Oxfordshire council.

The contract is set to begin in the autumn and last seven years, with a possible extension of another seven years.

It will also manage 17 household waste recycling centres for North Yorkshire council, also a seven-year contract worth £24m with a possible extension of three years.

Philip Fellowes-Prynne, chief executive of May Gurney, said: 

“May Gurney continues to consolidate its position as one of the UK’s key providers of frontline services in the municipal waste market. These new contracts support the councils’ sustainability targets by helping residents to recycle more and by reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

“Our proven expertise in developing and delivering complex front-line service solutions and supporting our clients’ efficiency goals underpins our continued growth,” he added.