Boris Johnson said money will focus on Tottenham and Croydon

Mayor Boris Johnson and communities secretary Eric Pickles visited Tottenham today to announce a £20m funding boost to regenerate Tottenham and Croydon after the recent London riots.

The launch of the “London Enterprise Fund” comes after the launch last week of the mayor’s £50m long-term regeneration fund, focusing on improvements to London’s town centres and high streets.

Johnson says he will work closely with local businesses, residents and councils to identify the best way to invest the money to rebuild businesses and properties quickly as well as supporting employment in the areas.

The extra £20m will focus specifically on the regeneration of Tottenham and Croydon - areas Johnson had already identified as priorities, before the further damage caused by the riots.

Johnson said: “We will rebuild and repair every part of our city that has been damaged and help London’s businesses get back on their feet. For the most badly affected areas, Tottenham and Croydon, it is vital we also use the opportunity to deliver long-term improvements and create new jobs and skills that will benefit these communities for generations to come. With this support from government, we can not only restore these town centres but create better, more prosperous places to live, work and invest in.”

Communities secretary Eric Pickles said: “This immediate investment will breath new life into both Tottenham and Croydon and enable them to get to grips with the unique challenges they face but also move swiftly and quickly to maximise their potential for economic success.”